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B is for...  by J3SSIC0W B is for... :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 4 1 .:Happy 16th Birthday, deviantART:. by J3SSIC0W .:Happy 16th Birthday, deviantART:. :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 4 1 .:CE: Momo Shibaki:. by J3SSIC0W .:CE: Momo Shibaki:. :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 9 4 .:[CE]WIP: Momo Shibaki:. by J3SSIC0W .:[CE]WIP: Momo Shibaki:. :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 1 0 .:Gift: Sheep:. by J3SSIC0W .:Gift: Sheep:. :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 5 0 .:Gift: Zebra:. by J3SSIC0W .:Gift: Zebra:. :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 6 0 .:Gift: Bob the Builder:. by J3SSIC0W .:Gift: Bob the Builder:. :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 4 0 .:Shugo Chara: Lunatic Charm:. by J3SSIC0W .:Shugo Chara: Lunatic Charm:. :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 5 2 .:Shugo Chara: Seraphic Charm:. by J3SSIC0W .:Shugo Chara: Seraphic Charm:. :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 8 0 .:Kiriban Prize: Nancy Blackmor:. by J3SSIC0W .:Kiriban Prize: Nancy Blackmor:. :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 5 2 .:Art vs. Artist:. by J3SSIC0W .:Art vs. Artist:. :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 3 0 .:Draw Again Meme: Violeta:. by J3SSIC0W .:Draw Again Meme: Violeta:. :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 6 1 .:CE: Bethanii:. by J3SSIC0W .:CE: Bethanii:. :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 9 0 .:Karina + Katelynn:. by J3SSIC0W .:Karina + Katelynn:. :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 9 0 .:OC - Anthony:. by J3SSIC0W .:OC - Anthony:. :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 3 0 .:Happy Holidays!:. by J3SSIC0W .:Happy Holidays!:. :iconj3ssic0w:J3SSIC0W 4 0

Pretty Light Rainbow Watermark by PeppermentPanda


okay so i realize that i have not been active much because senior year is kicking my ass, not to mention my weekends are full with me trying to apply for college and volunteering at my chinese school

okay, so i had some free time a couple weeks back and was going to work on commissions. UNFORTUNATELY my pen broke and so i will not be able to make any digital art for some time and if i DO upload something, it'll most likely be traditional art

i AM, however, in the process of buying a new pen so i can get back to digital art asap i'll do it somehow... one way or another


once my hectic life calms down a bit in who-knows-when-that'll-happen, i will message those who have requested a commission from me and they will be able to decide whether they still want the commission or not

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unfortunately, the start of school is nearing.

i will be somewhat on a hiatus, HOWEVER, that does NOT mean that i will ignore the commissions i have already accepted.

i will be working on them from time to time, or whenever i manage to find some spare time in my schedule. they will just be delayed somewhat because right now, school is my primary focus.

i apologize to FangirlsOrDeath, S--I--M--P--L--Y, KcBarron2000, and Uzumaki-Emmy for making y'all wait longer for your commissions. but that also means that more detail will be added to your commission(s).

! ! ! also, please note that the most recent kiriban was missed, and i have updated it since then. the new kiriban is 16,661 pv and the prize is 50 yummy :points: as well as a request! so keep an eye out for the kiriban and go catch 'em all! huehue ! ! !
EDIT: the 16,661 pv kiriban was caught by General-Kel~ congrats! here's the proof~

the new kiriban will be 23,456 pv, so y'all have some time until then~ and maybe my life won't be as hectic then so i can work on arting (o v o)b
the prize for the next kiriban is: 30 :points: and a chibi~
for more info on how to submit a kiriban, please click here for instructions. (the number written is 16,543 because i have not updated the journal yet. the current kiriban is 23,456)

now i really gotta get back to this ap biology homework, the first day of school is tomorrow and i haven't started at all because i was panicking about my ap psychology homework for too long
time to worry about my summer reading for english class now q v q
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current status: on hold
slots available: 3/8

1. FangirlsOrDeath Lrg-50%done by L3Moon-Studios
2. FangirlsOrDeath Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios
3. S--I--M--P--L--Y Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios
4. KcBarron2000 Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios
5. Uzumaki-Emmy Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios

. . .   w a i t i n g   l i s t   . . .

i can do both traditional and digital commissions~
:bulletgreen: = available for digital
:bulletblue: = available for traditional
:star: = sketch option available

Arrow leftHOW TO COMMISSION MEArrow right 
:bulletblack: send me a note with the title "commission"
:bulletblack: please include the following:
   little star type of commission, include choice of digital/traditional/sketch if available
   little star name of your character
   little star physical description and personality
   little star photo reference, if possible

Arrow left:bulletgreen:line artArrow right 
examples:Art Trade - Brilliant-Paradox [2/2] by J3SSIC0WCaroline~ Outfits [Line Art] by J3SSIC0W
price: 25 :points:

Arrow left:bulletgreen::bulletblue:chibiArrow right 
examples:.:Gift: Sheep:. by J3SSIC0W.:Gift: Zebra:. by J3SSIC0W.:Gift: Bob the Builder:. by J3SSIC0W.:Shugo Chara: Lunatic Charm:. by J3SSIC0W.:Shugo Chara: Seraphic Charm:. by J3SSIC0W.:Kiriban Prize: Nancy Blackmor:. by J3SSIC0W.:CE: Bethanii:. by J3SSIC0W
price: 40 :points:

Arrow left:bulletgreen::bulletblue:head shots:star:Arrow right 
examples:Rose - WIP by J3SSIC0WRandom Sketches by J3SSIC0WShading Practice by J3SSIC0WCynthia (Random OC) by J3SSIC0W
prices: :bulletgreen: 25 :points: | :bulletblue: 20 :points: | :star: 15 :points:

Arrow left:bulletgreen::bulletblue:half body:star:Arrow right 
examples:Random Sketches by J3SSIC0WSome Unfinished Artwork IDEK by J3SSIC0WUncolored Manga Boy by J3SSIC0WAnother Uncolored Manga Girl- Younger Version by J3SSIC0WUncolored Manga Girl by J3SSIC0W.:OC - Anthony:. by J3SSIC0W.:Happy Holidays!:. by J3SSIC0WCaroline~ Hairstlye by J3SSIC0W.:Karina + Katelynn:. by J3SSIC0WHappy Valentine's Day! by J3SSIC0WRandom schoolgirl creation by J3SSIC0W
prices: :bulletgreen: 40 :points: | :bulletblue: 35 :points: | :star: 25 :points:

Arrow left:bulletgreen::bulletblue:full body:star:Arrow right 
examples: Fairy Queen by J3SSIC0W.:Draw Again Meme: Violeta:. by J3SSIC0W.:CE: Momo Shibaki:. by J3SSIC0WRandom Sketches by J3SSIC0WMew Mint by J3SSIC0WPetite Princess Patty by J3SSIC0WYAY - Collab with Jennykin by J3SSIC0WCandy - Collab with Jennykin by J3SSIC0WIvy - Collab with Jennykin by J3SSIC0WRose - Collab with Jennykin by J3SSIC0WMaggie~ Random Creation by J3SSIC0WOC - Caroline by J3SSIC0W
prices: :bulletgreen: 60 :points: | :bulletblue: 50 :points: | :star: 35 :points:

Bell Bullet *Animated* - F2U!
TBDBell Bullet *Animated* - F2U!
i will need some time to figure out if i can open animation/icon commissions, but the examples and price info will be listed.
Spinning Bone Bullet - F2U. . . . . a n i m a t i o n / i c o n c o m m i s s i o n a w a i t i n g c o n f i r m a t i o n . . . . .Spinning Bone Bullet - F2U 

Arrow left:bulletgreen:animations/iconsArrow right 
examples:Caroline~ [Winking and Waving] by J3SSIC0WHawflakes Animation - Birthday Gift by J3SSIC0WCat Icon [F2U] by J3SSIC0WDango / Mochi Icon [F2U] by J3SSIC0WCommission: Madonna by J3SSIC0WGiveaway Prize: PinkFluffehUnicorn98 by J3SSIC0WGiveaway Prize: The Officer by J3SSIC0WGiveaway Prize: Rain by J3SSIC0WKiriban Prize: ManaShadow369 by J3SSIC0WGiveaway Prize: Kalixy by J3SSIC0WGiveaway Prize: Asuna Kargurazaka by J3SSIC0WGiveaway Prize: Ayano Takenaka by J3SSIC0WGiveaway Prize: Bri by J3SSIC0WGiveaway Prize: Dog with Bunny Ears by J3SSIC0WKiriban Prize: Abigail Watson by J3SSIC0WGiveaway Prize: Raven by J3SSIC0WGiveaway Prize: Starfire by J3SSIC0WArt Trade: Brilliant-Paradox [1/2] by J3SSIC0WGiveaway Prize: Rhea by J3SSIC0WGiveaway Prize: Fairy Madonna by J3SSIC0WHawflakes Icon - Birthday Gift by J3SSIC0WCommission: Elena Garrison by J3SSIC0WBlinking Icon Sample - NOT FOR FREE USE by J3SSIC0W
prices: depend mostly on complexity
blinking 20-30 :points: | squishy 30-50 :points: | complex 50-80 :points:

:bulletpurple: commissioners may post their commissions anywhere on the internet, as long as it is credited back to my dA
:bulletpurple: copyright belongs to me, J3SSIC0W
:bulletpurple: please do not steal, copy, or redistribute my art as your own

Arrow leftCAN/CAN'T DOArrow right 
tick  anime/manga style
tick  OC's
tick  couples
tick  anthro
tick  animals
tick  males, though i am better at drawing females... though it will be a good study for me to draw more males
x  ecchi
x  mecha
x  yaoi/yuri/hentai
x  gore
x  realism

Arrow leftHOW TO COMMISSION MEArrow right 
:bulletblack: send me a note with the title "commission"
:bulletblack: please include the following:
   little star type of commission, include choice of digital/traditional/sketch if available
   little star name of your character
   little star physical description and personality
   little star photo reference, if possible

Arrow leftADDITIONAL NOTESArrow right 
:bulletyellow: i only accept :points: at this time, seeing as i do not have a paypal
:bulletyellow: please do not rush my commissions, however, feel free to check up on my progress - i usually post wips on my instagram

Green Triangle Bulletquestions? cheap advice? please comment down below!Green Triangle Bullet  
  • Listening to: owl city
  • Watching: for commissions ; v ;
  • Playing: elsword


J3SSIC0W has started a donation pool!
2,221 / 30,000

.:Donate puppy button:. by Chipi-Chiu

help me reach my goal so i can:
~commission other artists
~purchase bases so i can make adopts
~host giveaways/art + point raffles
~donate point prizes to other art contests
~maybe host my own art contest

.:thank you bear:. by Chipi-Chiu

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